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Project Details

Rob "The Monkey Lord" Chapman, former member of "The Black Hand" recently started his own guitar company, Chapman Guitars. I had been following Rob on YouTube where he was deemed "The YouTube Guitar Guru" by Grammy winning record producer, Eddie Kramer . After joining his forum, I found out that he was in need of a logo to replace the one used on the first prototype of the ML-1. Needless to say, I jumped right on top of it.

After chatting a little and finding out what he needed, we came up with a game plan. I would provide four concepts, and he would let his YouTube audience vote on the winner. Rob also mentioned the need for a small icon that could be used elsewhere as a sort of marker. Rob practices and teaches "Xing Yi Quan" kung fu, and is known amongst his "minions" as the Monkey Lord. I wanted to bring these aspects into the design even if it's in an abstract manner. So, I took a play on a symbol used in Xing Yi Quan and modified it so it also represent an encapsulated monkey tail.

Chapman Guitars


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  • Rob's Testimonial

    "It was a joy to work with Joshua, he is extremely hard working and above all a great guy. I would recommend 1981 to anyone wanting great design work from a reliable and professional company."